One of our specialties is robotization - especially palletization. We approach each client individually, taking the first steps as a priority. Each project is analyzed in terms of safety and efficiency.

Dzięki naszemu doświadczeniu osiągną Państwo wysoką rentowność inwestycji, maksymalną wydajność oraz zminimalizują przestoje produkcyjne.

Automation and robotization of palletization and packaging processes

Manual palletization of goods causes large losses, involves a large number of employees and significant time resources of the company. In order to meet the growing demand for the automation of palletizing and packaging processes, we would like to present our offer of Automation and robotization of palletizing and packaging processes.


The main advantages of automating the palletizing and packaging processes are:

savings on time and the number of personnel involved in the process,

work safety,


low operating costs,

high accuracy, repeatability,

precision and simple operation of the station.

Thanks to work automation, we can also avoid errors related to the human factor and avoid losses.

Each project is implemented according to the specific needs of the client, thanks to which we achieve maximum efficiency with minimal workload of employees.
Our company deals with the palletization of, among others such elements as:






and much, much more - we approach each inquiry individually, so if you have an unconventional task - we will be happy to undertake it!

Our team of engineers will face every challenge, we will gladly undertake the implementation of palletizing lines or adapt the existing solutions to the customer's needs.
We implement automatic palletizing systems, including by:

industrial robots with dedicated grippers and software,

plate and portal palletizers,

transport conveyor system,

pallet and divider warehouses,

automatic and semi-automatic wrapping machines or pallet strapping machines,

labeling devices, industrial printers